Earn Cash Back Just for Using Your Card

We offer a program that lets you easily earn cash back rewards when you use your card. benefits

Get $25 When You Sign Up for Direct Deposit

It's free and easy to set up. Avoid check cashing fees. See the details on our Direct Deposit page. direct deposit prepaid debit card

You Deserve What a MiCash Prepaid MasterCard® Gives You

BUYING STRENGTH to shop wherever Debit MasterCard is accepted: in stores, restaurants, online, at gas stations. The MiCash Prepaid MasterCard® is not a credit card but still lets you make purchases with all the ease and access that having a MasterCard card in hand brings.

How It Works

With the MiCash® Prepaid MasterCard®, you enjoy many of the conveniences a credit card offers without the risk of overspending or having to pay interest. The MiCash Card is a prepaid debit card that gives you all of the security, convenience, and access you deserve.

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3 Easy Steps to Getting your Prepaid Card

Simply apply for the prepaid card. In about a week to ten days, you will receive your card in the mail. Once you activate the card, you can use direct deposit to add funds to your card from your pay, a tax refund, or benefits payments. You can also load money at more than 98,000 locations nationwide. We've made it easy to use the MiCash Card to shop, pay bills, and save money.

Step 1 - Apply

  • No credit checks
  • Guaranteed 100% approval.*
  • Apply online

Apply Now

Step 2 - Activate

  • When your card arrives in the mail, call the toll free number printed on the sticker on the back of your card.
  • Follow the phone prompts to activate your card.
  • Remove the sticker and your card is ready to load with money and use.

Step 3 - Load Money

  • Load money at Western Union agents
  • Load money with a Green Dot MoneyPak available at Wal Mart, Kmart, CVS, Rite-Aid, Kroger, 7-11 and many more brand name stores.
  • Load money on your card for FREE via direct deposit

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