FREE Direct Deposit

Get $25 for FREE When You Set Up Direct deposit

Direct Deposit to your prepaid debit cardYou’ll see the $25 added to your card account after two consecutive months of direct deposits of $100 each. Have all or just a part of your paychecks, tax refund or benefits payments directly deposited to your card at no cost!

Save money on check cashing and loading fees by loading your MiCash Prepaid MasterCard directly through your employer’s payroll system. Simply give a completed copy of the Direct Deposit Authorization Form to your payroll administrator. Afterward, your employer will automatically load all or a portion of your pay to your MiCash Prepaid MasterCard card. To obtain your Direct Deposit Form.

Login to your Micash Account.
Click on:
– Add Money;
– Direct Deposit;
– Get Direct Deposit form.

You can choose to have all or just a part of your pay directly deposited to your card. It’s free. It’s convenient. And you’ll save on check cashing fees.

You may also have your federal benefit payments directly deposited to your card for FREE. Load your Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or other federal benefits to your card. To sign up for direct deposit to your card, contact Go Direct at 1-800-333-1795 or visit their website Go Direct to enroll online.

Watch a Video

Watch this video about prepaid MasterCards. NOTE: everything they say about a “payroll” version of the card also applies to the MiCash MasterCard card. So, what are you waiting for? Get your card now by clicking on the red button in the right column.

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