Henry Ford famously once said that his customers could have any color Model-T car they wanted so long it was black. It turns out, MiCash cardholders can have any color card provided it is black. Why black? Simply put, we believe black is the most elegant color you could have for a prepaid card, debit card, or credit card. If you think about what looks good in evening wear–black–the same holds true for evidence of your financial status of being able to buy things with plastic, especially under the MasterCard banner.

Simplicity denotes elegance. Strong graphic elements also denote elegance. Prepaid cards come in many different colors and designs these days, including pink, purple and bright orange. But what would you rather hand to a server at a fine restaurant, an elegant black premium looking card, or a garish pink card with polka dots and swirls?

3D holograms are also appearing on cards. So too are photo cards, where you can get just about any photo you want printed on the face of your card (perhaps for a fee). But at the end of the day, black never goes out of fashion. It’s timeless. It’s elegant.

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