Prepaid debit at Dollar General, yes

We like Dollar General for deals.

Dollar Generals do sell prepaid cards, just like a Walgreens or any other discount store. You can find prepaid Visa and prepaid MasterCards at Dollar General stores. They will be hanging on a kiosk with prepaid phone cards.

The problem with these cards, if you consider it a problem, is that you can’t easily research the company behind the card. What fees do they have? What sort of customer support can you expect? Can you check your balance online? In contrast, getting a MiCash prepaid MasterCard is an online process. Look, you are already on our website, so why not click around and learn more about our card

Prepaid Credit Cards at Dollar General

A lot of people confuse the terms “prepaid credit card” and “prepaid debit card.”

Dollar General in Every Town?

Bloomberg reports the biggest of the U.S. dollar discount stores, had a record decline in New York trading after reporting slowing growth in same-store sales. Fact is, there aren’t too many more places Dollar General can go. They are already in many small towns. Hence, the company is focused on same store sales. It, like many merchants, like people to use prepaid debit cards to shop there.

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