Safeway sells prepaid cards, but unlike applying for a MiCash card online, you have to take the extra steps of purchasing the card there at the store and then calling the card company to activate it. There is no charge to apply for a MiCash MasterCard. At Safeway, look near the checkout lines for an endcap display where the cards are hanging. It is sometimes hard to find the prepaid cards because the hanging displays look just like the displays for gift cards and prepaid phone cards. Even those cards can sometime carry the Visa or MasterCard brand mark, or logo. So look for the phrase “prepaid card” on the packaging.

What I have found about these in-store cards is that they are not very attractive for the most part. It might not be something you think much about standing in the store, but later when you must pull the card out to hand to a waitress or cashier you will think about the attractiveness of your card. Also, obviously, it is tough to research all of the terms and conditions for these cards as compared to reviewing the full information online as you can do on this website.

Also at Safeway are Greendot MoneyPaks which you use to load prepaid cards with cash. Greendot MoneyPaks are a convenient way to transfer money onto a prepaid cards. They are widely available at grocery stores, discount stores, and convenience stores nationwide.

Safeway grocery stores are among the top 10 largest retailers.

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