Does Speedway, Sheetz, Pilot, Flying Jay, BP, Racetrac, Chevron, Mobil, Exxon, or any other gas station sell prepaid cards? Well, probably not. But do they let you buy gas with a prepaid debit card? The answer is most certainly yes. Some convenience stores like Wawa do sell prepaid cards, but many gas stations do not sell them. That’s why we recommend you consider getting a MiCash prepaid MasterCard.

Here’s something to consider if you want to pay at the pump with a prepaid card. Make sure you have at least $75 on the card, because even if you pump only $20 in gas, the gas station will put a temporary “hold” on your card up which might be $50 or it might be $75 an this hold could last a few hours or a few days. Why does this happen? Because the pump/station doesn’t know how much you have in your account, so they want to make sure they can cover the amount of gas you buy in advance. They wouldn’t want somebody to put $50 of gas in their car or truck and drive off and then discover that the prepaid card only had $10 on it.

You can avoid this problem by not keying in your PIN number at the pump but telling the pump to select “credit card.” Even though your card isn’t one (if it is a prepaid card) the transaction will run on the credit card network and you can avoid the hold.

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