Target carries prepaid debit cards

Target + prepaid cards. Yes!

Target carries prepaid debit cards

It’s not surprising to learn that Target sells prepaid cards, both prepaid debit cards and a wide variety of prepaid gift cards.  Target Corporation is the fourth largest retailer in the United States. This well-known discount chain operates 1556 stores in 47 states. You can find prepaid cards about every other register in the long line of checkout stations. These cards are clustered together on “j-cards” hangers, which enable the fronts of the cards to be well displayed and easily accessible.

Advice about prepaid cards

What you may not realize about the prepaid cards you get in a store is that you will have to pay an activation fee to use the card, just like you would with most any prepaid card, including cards that you can also get online. This is a one-time fee that helps the card company cover the costs of doing business. Of course, because prepaid cards are not tied to a bank account and are easy to obtain even if you have a bad credit rating, they do have a small fee associated with purchases. So for example if you go grocery shopping and spend $49, you can expect to add one dollar as a POS (point of sale) fee when you check out. The problem with store-bought cards is that you can’t really research the fee structure of that particular card, because the j-card cardboard package the card comes in can only hold so much “fine print.” However, on this site, you can read everything you need to know about the MiCash MasterCard before you click on the Get the Card now button and have one sent to you for no charge.

Greendot Moneypaks at Target

Of course as this site explains in several places, you need a way to add money to your new prepaid cards. Fortunately, Greendot MoneyPaks available at Target are a way to transfer funds onto your card.

Target Store Locator

Target store finder? Terget store finder? Targget store finder? Or do you say “Tarh-get? However you Google it, Target does provide an online store locator widget. And it is right here.

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